Saturday, October 11, 2008

Popular Symphonic Pieces by Soviet Composers

Popular Symphonic Pieces by Soviet Composers
The Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra
Conductor: Mark Ermler

Mark Ermler occupies a prominent place among Soviet musicians. Well-known to music lovers of this and other countries, his name often appears in the bills of our leading theatres, the Bolshoi, and other major concert halls and theatres.
Ermler was born in Leningrad in the familie of the prominent film director, People's Artist of the USSR, Friedrich Ermler.

Format: Flac/Cover incl.
Disk 2: 161 mb.

Disk 3: 217 mb.
Label: Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab


ZePorro said...

Could you, please, upload the "Popular Symphonic Pieces by Soviet Composers" Disc 1. No sense the other two without the firs one.

Zeporro said...

I like very much your blog. Undoubtely, your choice of music is excelent. The way you share (FLAC) is excellent too. I encorage you to keep on sharing like this.

Zeporro said...

Everything is in right. I've discovered the solution for myself. Thanks again.