Saturday, September 26, 2009

Händel ~ Faramondo

Georg Friederich Händel ~ Faramondo

Opera in three acts, HWV 39

Max Emanuel Cencic ~ Faramondo
Philippe Jaroussky ~ Adolfo
Sophie Karthäuser ~ Clotilde
Marina de Liso ~ Rosimonda
In-Sung Sim ~ Gustavo
Xavier Sabata ~ Gernando
Fulvio Bettini ~ Teobaldo
Terry Wey ~ Childerico

Coro della Radio Svissera, Lugano


Duilio Galfetti first violin
Diego Fasolis direction

Virgin Classics 2009
Format: Flac, 3 cd´s, 895 mb.

CD 1, 65:59 Act One 358 mb.
CD 2, 48:52 Act Two 264 mb.
CD 3, 51:17 Act Three 273 mb.


Horacio said...

Great a new post!! Thank you BB!!

anon said...

Great to see you posting again Blackbird. And what a post!!! Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

You know I'm just learnin', my friend... wanna say your music is beautifully soundin' here! Thanks!!!

ROBERTO, from The Pampas

Kwork said...

Thank you very very much. Welcome back. All Haendel opera posts are always appreciated.

Blackbird said...

Thank you all my friends for your very kind words, it warms my heart.

Horacio said...

Oustanding Version !! congratulations Blackbird, Perfect!! :)

Rho said...

Well back, Blackbird! :-)

Rho said...

Welcome back, I mean ;-) Sorry, I'm almost in bed....



Shanty said...

Muy acertadas las recomendaciones de discos. Me encanta el lugar.

Estoy en:



What a blog! ...all I see, touch or just think in music!

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