Thursday, March 12, 2009

Placido Domingo ~ Be my Love

Especially made for my dear friend ICE

1 Granada
2 Core‘ngrato
3 Dein ist mein ganzes Herz
4 Mattinata
5 Siboney
6 Ay, Ay, Ay,
7 Be My Love
8 Magic is the Moonlight
9 Because
10 Marta
11 Non ti scordar di me
12 Jurame
13 Ich schenke dir eine neue Welt
14 Ampola

Placido Domingo, Tenor

London Symphony Orchestra
Conductors: Karl Heinz Loges and Marcel Peeters

Deutsche Grammophon 1976 ADD

Format: Flac 214 mb.


HisFawn said...

What a kind and loving gesture for ICE Birdy. Your heart seems to always precede you my dear friend. Thank you FOR you from me brother, I am sure ICE will feel blessed by this token of friendship from you MOST DEFINITELY.

SiD said...

beautiful collection of songs, thankyou! :0)

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Excellent men thanks for sharing, I don't know why placido didn't make more music, he's a nice singer.

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