Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Water Music, Georg Friederich Händel

Georg Friedrich Händel, Water Music


The English Concert

The English Concert is an "authentic performance" ensemble, founded by harpsichordist and conductor Trevor Pinnock in 1973. The group quickly established itself as one of Britain's leading orchestras in the then-young field of performing Baroque works on Baroque instruments. The English Concert and the energetic Pinnock helped put historical performance on the charts. The orchestra has a reputation for stylish, lively, and high-quality music-making. Its sound is light, bright, and clear. Its strings usually employ no vibrato, and its winds have a woody, attractive tone that blends well with strings and with the fortepiano. Generally the orchestra applies only a light swelling on sustained string notes. In explaining the orchestra's choice to specialize in original instruments (or painstakingly authentic re-creations of them), Pinnock explains, "The answer is simple -- we wanted to use the most suitable tools for the job. These instruments were good enough for Bach -- surely they're good enough for us." In 1983, the English Concert Choir was established, to perform and record choral works with the instrumental ensemble. After 30 years leading the group, Pinnock stepped down and turned the music directorship over to Andrew Manze.
Recording for Deutsche Grammophon's Archiv imprint, Harmonia Mundi, and its own label, Avie, the English Concert has released over 70 albums, many of which have won top recording awards such as the Grand Prix du Disque<>

Suite in F major HWV 348
1. Ouverture (Largo-Allegro)
2. Adagio e staccato
3. (Allegro) – Andante – (Allegro da capo)
4. (Menuet)
5. Air
6. Menuet
7. Bourrée
8. Hornpipe
9. (Andante)

Suite in D/G major HWV 349/350
10. (Ouverture)
11. Alla Hornpipe
12. (Menuet)
13. Rigaudon
14. Lentement
15. Bourrée
16. Menuet
17. (Andante)
18. (Country Dance I/II)
19. Menuet

1983 Polydor Inernational GmbH, Hamburg

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Chris S. said...

Love your posts but hate rapidshare. Their downloads always fail near the end for me. Then they deny me because I'm past my limit... but I wouldn't if they didn't keep failing. Is it possible you'll try mediafire sometime because they always work clean and fast for me (and maybe others too?).

Regardless I am grateful to find more wonderful music to try out.

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